Never pay menu prices again…

If there’s anyone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to restaurants, it’s Gordon Ramsay. He’s whipped hopeless wannabe chefs into shape on Masterchef US. And he’s famed for transforming shoddy restaurants all over the world on Kitchen Nightmares.

So if you want an expert on the dos and don’ts at all your favourite eateries, Gordon is clearly your man.

The outspoken chef has recently offered up a range of tips for getting the best from your meal out. But now, he’s delivered what we think is the most important tip of the lot. How to bag the cheapest bottle of wine in the place.

We know, we know. Surely you just order the house wine, right? Think again. What we should really have been doing all these years, according to Gordon, is asking the waiter for the ‘bin end’ list. What?

Let us explain. The bin end list is a range of bottles restaurants have in stock which have scratched labels, vintage wines which are about to be changed, or those that are poor sellers.  But other than this, they’re totally fine and safe to drink!

These will likely be less than the price of the bottles on the menu, and just as tasty. Sounds like a winner to us!

Another insider tip…

But that’s not the only insider tip Gordon Ramsay has shared. Although we can often find ourselves embarrassed about asking the prices of wine – especially if we’re somewhere fancy – Gordon has insisted we don’t. And he’s even made it clear that he thinks we should haggle with the sommelier to get the best bang for our buck.

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He said, “We have a fear about talking to sommeliers because you think you’re going to be ripped off.

Gordon went on to advise, “So get the sommelier to come up with a great glass or great bottle and give him a price. And make sure it’s under $30 (£23.50)”

Now, who’s ready to put Gordon’s tips to the test?