Team this youth-boosting meal plan with a daily nut snack and lose 1-2 pounds a week

Breakfasts (add a slice of wholemeal toast)

• Poached egg with grilled tomatoes

• Bowl of grapefruit segments in juice with 4 prunes

• Soya yogurt with big handful of mixed berries, sugar to taste


• Pitta bread with reduced-fat hummus, grated carrot, tomato and watercress

• 1/2 an avocado, half can butter beans, watercress and 100g tuna in water

• Baked potato topped with canned kidney beans in chilli sauce


• Salmon topped with tomato salsa, 4 boiled new potatoes, green beans and carrots

• Grilled lean lamb chop with kale and half a small baked butternut squash

• Small portion of pasta with chicken and tomato pasta sauce. Serve with a large red pepper and green leaf salad with 1 tbsp olive oil

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