As you know last week I took advantage of Woman’s Own Diets 7-day free trial and signed-up. I’m now a fully-fledged member with my own personal account, food diary and access to lots of other fellow-dieters in the forums. I was given a daily allowance of 1400 calories, a 262 calorie exercise target and a 1st May deadline – just in time for my birthday (I will be eating cake!)

My supermarket shop!

Preparation is the key

Last weekend I did a very sensible food shop and loaded my trolley with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken, turkey and fish. Most days I made my lunches for work – grilled chicken salad, a prawn stir-fry that I pinged in the canteen microwave and a really tasty vegetable soup. I kept  a close check on my calorie intake and logged every single morsel that passed my lips onto the food diary.

Chicken salad for lunch today!


Swanky London press launch and FREE wine!

Everything was going so well until I had to attend a press launch at a swanky London hotel after work – disaster – 2 large glasses of Sauvignon Blanc later I entered the calories into my diary on the train going home and was gob-smacked to find that after adding them to my daily allowance I still had a few calories left – phew – the words ‘skin-of-my-teeth’ sprang to mind!

Me and the Woman’s Own fashion team at the launch of Myleene Klass’s new swimwear range for Littlewoods.


The first weekend hurdle

On Friday evening I was meeting a girlfriend for a drink (she’s thin and never diets). As panic started to set-in about how I was going to stick to my 1400 cals, I made the decision to load-up on porridge and blueberries for breakfast and skip lunch to save my calories for the evening, which I knew would involve at least another 2 large glasses of SB – probably more – and it did! I burst my calories quite significantly (by 250 to be exact). So Saturday morning I not only woke with a thick head, but a guilty one too!

To redeem myself I cleaned the house like a Tasmanian devil – not for fun I might add or even to work off calories (although I did burn off 318). It was because we are selling our house and had a viewing at 11am!

The rest of the weekend went relatively smoothly for my diet – thank goodness! Monday morning arrived and time for my first weigh-in. I carefully placed my scales on exactly the same floor tile as I did last week and gingerly stepped on – and I’d lost 4lbs – sooooo happy!

A good start down my skinny jean road!!

See you all next week!


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