Golden Syrup can be found in every good kitchen cupboard, and chances are you’ve probably got a classic Lyle’s tin! The attractive, iconic packaging has remained unchanged since 1883 – but what we cook with it certainly has!

Described as ‘a cook’s staple companion’, what was once a sweet syrup that was predominantly used in pudding, and then as a sweetener for porridge, now you can make everything from glazed prawns to beef stew with the sticky stuff!

Here are some of our favourite golden syrup recipes that you’ve just got to try…

Or try one of these incredible recipes, all made with a spoonful of delicious Golden Syrup…

Peanut Honeycomb Baked Mascarpone Cheesecake


There’s so much to love about this recipe you’re just going to have to try it and find out for yourself…YUM! Get the recipe here!

Salted Caramel Crème Brûlée


The perfect dinner party dessert, this one could be the best your guests have ever tasted…get the recipe here!

Bourbon Chocolate Honeycomb Biscuit Cake


You shouldn’t need much convincing about this one! As Joey from ‘Friends’ would say, Chocolate? Good. Honeycomb? Good! Biscuit…? Good! Get the recipe here.