Indulge your inner big kid with our tasty crispy choc chews. Set and ready to eat in 1 hour, one batch makes 20 of these delights.



4 Mars Bars
200gms of milk chocolate
Mini marshmallows
¼ pint of milk
Rice crispies
White chocolate chips (to decorate)


Serves: 20

Cooking time: 1 hour





1. Cut Mars bars into small pieces and place in a bowl over boiling water to melt.

2. Add in milk to help consistency.

3. Melt 100gms of milk chocolate into the mix.

4. Add in marshmallows (as many as you wish!).

5. Add in rice crispies (as many as the mixture can take – normally half a 500gm box).

6. Spoon mixture equally into cupcake case holders.

7. Melt the rest of the milk chocolate and add to top.

8. Add white choc chips to decorate.

9. Put into the fridge to set for an hour.


Tea + Chocolate = fundraising! Host a  Big Chocolate Tea Party during April and help raise vital funds for The Sick Children’s Trust.