We might try and deny it – but christmas is definitely on it’s way and already our diaries are filling up with catch ups, office parties and school plays. Unfortunately, this extra social activity also means extra calories!

Thanks to Woman’s Own Diets, we have your 5 Christmas Diet Dilemmas solved so you can enjoy yourself without piling on the pounds!

Woman’s Own Diets 5 Christmas Diet Dilemmas Solved

Christmas Diet Dilemma #1 Meeting the Girls For Dinner

Christmas is frequently the time where we make the effort to see friends that we haven’t seen in a while. And if you’re meeting at a restaurant a little pre-planning goes a long way. Investigate the venue beforehand – many restaurantspublish their menus online, some with nutritional values, allowing you to pre-plan your healthier meal choice.

The Real Greek was one of the first UK restaurants to publish calories on its menus – and as long as you steer clear of the amazing grilled Halloumi, is a relatively healthy choice for dinner!

Christmas Diet Dilemma #2 After Work Drinks

Long winter nights spent with your colleagues in the pub is almost a christmas tradition in itself. Avoid the excess calories by swapping that large glass of red for a gin and slimline tonic.

Most importantly – make sure you eat before you go. Having a healthy meal to line your stomach not only helps to absorb the alcohol, you’ll be less likely to pop into that kebab shop on the way home.

Christmas Diet Dilemma #3 Food Gifts

What do you do when you’ve received a christmas pudding from your Nan, your boss has given you chocolates and other friends have showered you with biscuits, cheese and the like?

Just because it’s a christmas gift, doesn’t mean you have to eat it at once. If it’s got a long shelf life like biscuits or chocolate, hide it in the cupboard and bring out slowly throughout the year. If it is perishable – why not take that cheese platter into the office and share with your colleagues?

And if you really can’t avoid the temptation – there’s always the re-gift option!

Christmas Diet Dilemma #4 Christmas Lunch

It’s not christmas without a dining table about to buckle under the weight of all that food is it? On average Brits consume 3 times more than their average daily calories on Christmas Day and unless you have extreme willpower you’re unlikely to be able to resist the call of yorkshire puddings, roasties and pudding drowning in custard. And it’s christmas, you should indulge! But when it comes to serving up – load up your plate with veg first, so there’s less room for yorkies and roasties.

If you fancy christmas pudding, only have a small portion and swap the custard with some reduced fat cream.

Christmas Diet Dilemma #5 Leftovers

We’ve all been there. Your fridge is full to the brim of leftover turkey and potatoes – and it’s got to be eaten (no one likes waste!).

If days of turkey sandwiches are ahead of you – why not try a lower calorie pitta bread filled with turkey in the grill? Or have an open topped sandwich (half the bread calories!). You could always ditch the bread all together and use the turkey in a salad


So you can survive the festive season without piling on the weight! For more great advice on managing your weight visit Woman’s Own Diets.