Want to know how to make the best burger of your life? Then read on and try these industry secrets and burger tips for creating a juicy patty that tastes just like it’s come out of an American diner! YUM!

Add bovril

What’s the secret ingredient to a great burger? Bovril. Lightly brush the burgers with some Bovril before cooking. It adds an extra taste element called ‘umami’ – the fifth taste after salt, sweet, sour and bitter. It really makes a difference.

Mix meats
Want to make your burgers from scratch? Use a mixture of brisket and braising steak – this will create great flavours and texture. Don’t pack the burgers too tightly – this will keep the meat tender.

Cook the cheese
Making cheeseburgers? Add the cheese to the burger while the burger is cooking – it will melt into the patty and intensify the flavour. Yum!

Make your own relish
Make your own burger relish. Mix 200ml of mayonnaise, 75ml ketchup, 50ml American Mustard, and 50g chopped gherkins and mix or even better blend! Homemade deliciousness.

Add salt
Once cooked, add a pinch of salt to the meat – it will bring the natural flavours to life.

Flip once
Only flip the burgers once – this allows each side to form a tasty, caramelised outer layer.

Double cook your bacon
Going to be really naughty and add bacon? Make sure it’s streaky and cook it until extra crispy – it adds extra texture and more flavour.

Go for a brioche
Create a sturdy base for your burgers by lightly toasting the bun – there’ll be no soggy bottoms around here! Plus try a brioche bun they are so much taster and M&S sell them on the high street!

Don’t add any extras
Adding extras like onions, herbs, eggs, breadcrumbs or anything else will cause you to over handle the meat which can cause it to become flakey and the mince too warm pre-cooking so avoid unnecessary extras!