When it comes to Easter celebrations, the first crack of a ginormous chocolate egg is hard beat. Hard to beat, until the an all cheese Easter egg landed. Yes you read that right! When it comes to an ode to fromage, this could quite literally top all that went before it. Baked Camembert with a side order of cranberry jelly, gooey fondue with those oh-so-fancy dipping cornichons you’ve got nothing on this moreish dairy creation.

The brainchild of food blogger Annem Hobson, The Cheester Egg is the stuff of cheesy-based dreams. There’s 260g of crumbly, award-winning cheese Napier cheese to tuck into – well worth the £14.99 price tag. And if you want to go all cheese and wine party on this creation, there’s the added option of ‘Nest Hampers’ for £29.95 including Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbread and locally produced quince membrillo.

We are literally salivating!

“Cheese is what excites me so I’m thrilled my plans for a Cheester Egg have finally hatched. And that the Cheese Advent Calendar is becoming a reality”, Hobson said.

“There’s a whole army of cheese lovers out there showing me their support and I hope I’m doing them proud”.

But before you start sharpening the cheese knife and digging out that bottle of Branston pickle, there’s some bad news to impart. The Cheester Egg is limited edition, which means if you don’t get in there quick…well you could find yourself whittling away at a block of Stilton. Yep, there’s no need to tell us twice! Buy it here.

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