These food heroes will help you hold back time and get trim too!

Red kidney beans

They’re a good source of flavonoids, an important family of antioxidants that can keep ageing in check. Plus, their low glycaemic index and high soluble-fibre content help to keep blood glucose levels steady and hunger at bay.


Salmon is packed with anti-inflammatory omega-3 to help slow the ageing process.


Eating lots of prunes may stop you looking like one! The reason they rate so highly as an anti-ageing food is that the drying process concentrates the skin-saving anti-oxidants in the fruit.

Mixed berries

The anthocyanins in berries work with vitamin C to stabilise collagen and slow its breakdown to give younger-looking skin. For best value, buy a frozen mixed berry selection – just as good as fresh.

Soya milk

A couple of glasses of soya milk in place of your normal dairy may gently boost flagging hormone levels during the menopause and keep skin firm.

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