We’ve got good news – if you’ve made it through The Dukan Diet attack phase, it only gets easier from now on!

Having completed 2-5 days of a pure protein diet, Dukan dieters can now begin the cruise phase of the weight loss tips programme.

This involves reintroducing 32 non-starchy vegetables into your diet, to ensure your body is getting enough vital vitamins and minerals. These are also unlimited and can be combined with the 68 protein rich foods, from the attack phase, to create meals.

During the cruise stage, weight loss is gradual as you slowly get rid of unwanted body fat and maintain a lean body mass.

After completion of the cruise phase as you reach your dream weight, you can move onto the final consolidation and stabilisation phases to ensure you keep the weight off for good.

Not sure what veg you can eat during the Dukan Diet cruise phase? We’ve put together some meal plan ideas for 17 of the listed vegetables: