It’s the most statement haircut and can be difficult to maintain, but looking at these gorgeous celebrity fringes we must say we’re pretty tempted to try it!

If you’re thinking about going for the chop, here are Ogario Salon founder Norris Ogario’s top tips on making blunt bangs work for you:

1. Start by assessing your hair

Think about the hairline, the thickness and texture of your hair. This style works best with thicker tresses and, if you have a cowlick where the hair stands straight or lies at an angle, this style is going to be tricky. My advice is to have a consultation with your stylist about how this look will work with your hair. Have the consultation when your hair is dry so the stylist can clearly see how your hair falls. This style can work with thinner hair by combing hair forward, but you need to be careful you don’t go too far back. Again, your stylist will be able to advise you on the options.

2. Check your parting position

If you have been parting your hair for years one particular way, it can become quite solid and difficult to retrain. Your stylist will need to take this into account.

3. Choose the optimum length for you

Be honest with yourself about how comfortable you are with a fringe and what length will work for you. If you’ve never had a fringe it will feel different. If you find it uncomfortable you’ll develop a habit of pushing it back away from the face.

4. This is not a DIY do so don’t try this at home

This look is all about balance and to get a perfect fringe you’ve got to get it centred, with a sharp line and weight at the sides. Sides can be straight or angled depending on bone structure.

5. Consider your colour

Dark colours work best, creating a more solid and finished look. I love chocolate browns and deep reds but dark blonde works just as well.

6. Get glossy

Shiny, smooth hair is essential to work this style’

Will you be trying the fringe benefits?

By Jessica Beech


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