honey diet

Don’t be daunted by a sugar free diet!

As we’ve all been made aware by the recent media frenzy, sugar is basically evil.

Not only does it contribute to premature ageing, its effect on the nation’s health is proving to be devastating, linked to health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease to name just a few.

The problem is, most of us inject the sweet stuff into our daily diets without even thinking. For example, did you know that your morning bagel could be giving you a sizeable sugar fix?

Cue the latest sugar free diet craze, which helps to satisfy cravings with nature’s finest, honey.

The latest diet craze claims that simply eating a spoonful of honey before bed will banish sugar cravings and even help you burn fat while you sleep.

It’s claimed that those who stick to the honey diet can lose up to 3lb a week, as well a reaping in all the benefits that cutting out sugar will bring.

The man behind the honey craze is nutritionist Mike McInnes, who has dedicated his life’s work to researching the benefits of eating this health-boosting superfood.

A sugar free diet needn’t mean denying yourself the things you love – the honey diet also involves swapping sugar for honey in homemade cakescookies and desserts, with junk food the only thing totally off the menu.


Want to try it for yourself? Just stick to these golden rules: 

The Honey Diet, by Mike McInnes is available from Hodder & Stoughton.

By Lauren Hughes