Every year in November, men grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for a great cause and fight against prostate and testicular cancer.

As well as donating, why not show support and model a moustache with pride. This motif is popular on the high street and there is no better time to get involved!

From brightly coloured jumpers to fun office supplies, here is a little round up of what have got our whiskers twitching!


1) Onesie, £25, Joy 2) Ring, £4, asos 3) Pencil topper, £3, Topshop 4 Jumper, £34.99, Mango

5) Passport holder, £9, Accessorize 6) Pillow, £56, John Lewis


1) T Shirt, £20, uk.movember.com 2) Necklace, £5.99, millie-n-mae.co.uk 3) Mug, £5, Tesco

4) Earrings, £2.95, John Reed 5) Shoes, £9.99, missguided.co.uk 6)Bangles, £8 each, chelseadoll.co.uk

Silly stuff matters! You can donate over at uk.movember.co.uk

By Rachel Irvine