From warm copper to deep scarlet, red hair dye sales are on the rise. Looking at the gorgeous flame-headed ladies in our gallery, it’s easy to see why.

Red hair only occurs naturally in fewer than 2% of the world’s population, meaning more and more people are reaching for the bottle to achieve the stand-out shade.

Many women blessed with naturally red locks recall years of playground taunts at the expense of their tresses, but it seems red hair has lost its stigma.

So, is it the ability to make you turn heads, it’s rarity, or the fact that it used to be notoriously difficult to achieve a natural looking colour from the bottle that has left us lusting after red locks?

Whatever the reason behind it, there’s no doubt that red hair is one trend that won’t be going anywhere. Nothing will breathe a new lease of life into your winter wardrobe like a head of soft copper curls, so why not dye your hair this season’s most fashionable shade?

Here are our top tips for ruby locks:

1. As with all hair dye, it is harder to go lighter than your natural colour. If you are naturally blonde it will be easier to achieve a vibrant shade – try a bright copper on your locks for a stunning shade like Jessica Chastain. The quality of hair dye and its ability to lighten brunette hair has improved massively over the years, but you are still unlikely to achieve a light red shade. Instead, opt for a deep auburn like style icon Florence Welch.

2. If you’re guilty of hair-colouring addiction, it may be best to use a lightening treatment to strip your hair of existing dye before going red. For best results, wait a week after the lightening treatment before dying your hair again, and use deep conditioning masks to moisturise.

3. Grey hair is slightly trickier to dye red, as the red pigments in the dye attach differently. We recommend a trip to the salon instead of a home dye kit.

4. Don’t be afraid to switch up your make-up too. Remember that bold red lipstick you didn’t dare to wear as a mousy blonde? Something tells us it’s going to look amazing with your new vibrant locks!

Will you be giving red tresses a chance? 

By Jessica Beech 



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