Who needs a facelift with these youth-boosting hair tweaks?

What a difference a hair update makes! The celebrities in our above slide show prove that a simple tweak can knock years off their look – instantly! From adding a new fringe to boosting their colour and trying a new hairstyle, these celebrities prove that your hair doesn’t have to be bland and boring as you age!


Anti-ageing swaps to try:

Add some layers into your hair to give it more texture and movement which is really youthful.

If you have a bob haircut or a bland mid-length style why not try a graduated cut where the front of your hair is longer than the back. The finish and style will slim your face and help you look younger.

Add some waves! By tonging your hair you can create a lovely, youthful look that can take years off in an instant.

Try a light fringe, not only will it frame your face but it will hide fine lines too!

Try an all over colour tint to help boost your colour – bright vibrant colour screams younger looking tresses.

Take a peek above at our slideshow at these star styles for youth-boosting tips.
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