New research from Travelodge reveals that the average British women has a bad hair day three times a week – that works out as 20 YEARS of your life. Now there’s a depressing statistic.   

Never fear! From strange up ‘dos to rainbow colours, these celebrities prove that even the best of us suffer from bad hair days. 

The Travelodge study surveyed 2,000 women to investigate how their hair affects their mood when they get up in the morning.

Yes, there is more to life than hair, but anyone who’s woken up with a matted mess where their shiny locks should be knows it can wreck havoc on your mood.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

80% of women say that bad hair reduces their confidence, whilst a whopping 63% even admitted they would cancel an important date if their hair wasn’t looking good.

60% of women also said they would be likely to mess up a job interview if their hair wasn’t behaving.

Here at Woman’s Own, we can’t help but agree. Deep conditioner at the ready!

How much does your hair affect your mood?

By Jessica Beech

Kate Middleton hair

Kate M, we have serious hair envy. Click here to get her glossy locks!