Did you wear any of these 90s fashion trends?

The 90s was a magical time for fashion; knee high boots, bomber jackets, baseball caps, crop tops and mini skirts, who doesn’t remember these classic looks?!

Most of us will remember wearing a scrunchie in our hair, some jelly shoes on holiday, a waistcoat over a shirt and pedal pushers, like, everyday! Films such as Clueless, American Pie, Pulp Fiction and Jerry Maguire all remind us of  90s style!

On the red carpet the celebrities loved wearing the latest fashion trends but let’s face it they are totally cringe worthy now! From Victoria Beckham’s Posh Spice on-stage outfits to Angelina Jolie’s gothic moment and Nicole Kidman’s frumpy man-like suit – we’ve seen some outrageous fashion moments on the red carpet from the 90s, and they are hilarious!

Flick through our slideshow above and take a look at all the 90s celebrity fashion disasters we are sure they would rather forget! Poor Elle Macpherson – that side ways cap was never going to be a good look!!


Did you wear any of these 90s fashion trends back in the day?