This will certainly spice things up!

It’s been seven months since TV presenter Zoe Ball had her much publicised split with hubby of 18 years Norman Cook.

Wasting no time the mum-of-two has already moved on to start a relationship with 40-year-old beau Billy Yates. The Antiques Roadshow cameraman and the It Takes Two presenter are said to have got together in September. And it seems that its been all smiles ever since.

Now the 46-year-old has made a cheeky confession about their relationship, revealing that things are definitely set to heat up between the pair.

After outlining that she is going through the menopause, she has made a vow to ‘have more sex’.

Speaking at the Leicester Square theatre in London, she said: “I’m menopausal; I’m hot and hairy.

‘I feel like it’s sort of my last hurrah. Is it going to get better? Do I do HRT? Have more sex? I just left my marriage I am sort of trying to… Good tip – [have] HRT and more sex.”

And if Billy wasn’t in the equation who would Zoe direct her carnal attentions to? Here’s the answer:

“I got to interview Warren Beatty the other day and that was amazing. He’s 80, but I still would.”

Join the club Zoe!

Zoe Ball – making a fresh start

Finding a new love interest isn’t the only way that Zoe has moved on! While the Radio 2 DJ ‘s partying and alleged public smooch with a 22-year-old seemed to lay the blame squarely in her direction, it seems that she may be turning over a new leaf in the wake of her divorce.

two brothers birthday dinner at #thepalomarrestaurant #love #siblings #brothersforlife #brothersinarms #beardstyle @nick_ball @dan_ball_csd

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Making an important announcement via her Instagram account at the end of 2016, she wrote: “Love & gratitude to some special people who have helped me stay strong.”

As she thanked those who helped her reach her sobriety milestone, she revealed that the journey “is not always easy” before adding “but it feels good”.

The star also ended things on a positive note with a series of uplifting hashtags:

“#gratitude #sobriety #calmness #strength #justfortoday #love ❤”

Another recent post reveals that juicing has replaced boozing in Zoe’s life, demonstrating that a fresh start is top of the presenter’s agenda.

Save me from this winter #headcold @youjuicecleanse #juices #goodness #brighton 💜

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Fans were quick to heap praise on her efforts, as well as empathising with her struggle:

rossanddrewbriffitt wrote: “I gave up drinking on the 11th of September this year, congratulations to you Zoe”

While krobo83 added: “Well done zeebeezoobee such an inspiration that anything is possible in life #recovery #strength”

We’re not sure what this means for Zoe’s future, but we can’t wait to see what’s next!