Did you tune into Born To Kill last night?

Newcomer Jack Rowan plays teenage psychopath Sam in ‘Born to Kill’

If you tuned into new Channel 4 drama Born To Kill last night, you may not have anticipated just quite how intense this new drama would be.

But by the time the credits started to roll, there was one we were sure of – the next instalment can’t come around quick enough.

Episode 1 catapulted us straight into the dark and twisted mind of Sam, a teenage killer.

Things aren’t looking good for Sam. He has a complex relationship with his mother Jenny, who’s led him to believe that his father is dead. In reality, his father is actually a dangerous and psychotic killer, who could soon be allowed back into society if his parole is granted.

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While Sam tries to find an ally in schoolmate Chrissy, the cracks in his psyche are beginning to show, the line between fantasy and reality blurring more every day.

What’s so utterly terrifying – and completely gripping – about Sam’s story is the normality his dark secrets are shrouded within.

On the surface, he seems like a normal boy finding his place among his peers. But seeing the world through his eyes is deeply unsettling.

The character of Sam reels the viewer in and grips them hard with his complexity. His vulnerability is so realistic, you almost feel sorry for the kid.

After episode 1’s gruesome climax, we dread to think what’s next for Sam. But we’ll still be tuning in next week to find out…