The CBB star is concerned...

It’s the start of week two in the Celebrity Big Brother house and Loose Women star Coleen Nolan already seems to have been put through the mill.

coleen nolan

Friends, family and co-hosts have all expressed concerns about 51-year-old’s emotional state, and now the former singer has made a shock confession about her own deeply held fears.

In an interview with the Daily Star before her second CBB stint, the TV star revealed her anguish at losing her beloved sister Bernie to cancer in 2013.

“Bernie was 50 when she got cancer and then died at 53,” she told the paper.

Reflecting on the tragic passing of her older sister the mum-of-three added: “Bernie must have felt like this, what if that happens to me?”.

The former singer also revealed she is still struggling to come to terms with Bernie’s passing, and has yet to visit her grave.

Shockingly Coleen revealed that Bernie’s memory had also prompted her to quit social media, after trolls made sickening comments in the wake of her death.
She said: “I don’t like going on Twitter anymore. You can get 99 comments that are fantastic but it’s always the nasty one you remember.

“When Bernie died people said some really cruel stuff. They do it to get a reaction. I had things like “I hope you die of cancer too”. It was just mental.”

The star has previously admitted that she became obsessed with her health, after fearing a cancer diagnosis like sisters Anne and Linda:

“I was obsessive,” she admitted.

“I was having mammograms when they weren’t necessary and worrying about it all the time.

“Because of what happened to my sisters I had a diagnosis before 50 in my head. I was always on the look-out for something going wrong.”

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