The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made an official visit to Paris over the weekend to help cement the UK’s ties with France and highlight the strong links between the two countries.

From all perspectives and purposes the trip was a success. Kate and Prince William charmed the French. Photos of their two-day trip, visiting art galleries, engaging in a spot of rugby training in front of the Eiffel Tower and meeting veterans, as well as victims of the recent Paris attacks at the well-respected Les Invalides, were well received.

However, it was a picture from the first night of the trip that seems to have created a particular stir. Everything was going swimmingly. Prince William received praise for his well-delivered speech at the British Embassy, while Kate charmed guests whilst looking flawless in a black Alexander McQueen gown.

A quick change for both royals was followed by a glitzy dinner hosted by Her Majesty’s Ambassador at the British Embassy.

The Duchess of Cambridge sparkled in a blue embroidered gown by her go-to designer – Jenny Packham. However, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge descended the steps of the Embassy, it wasn’t Kate’s eye-catching outfit everyone was talking about.

why didn't kate and william hold hands in paris

The question on everyone’s lips was, why didn’t Kate and William hold hands?

One user took to social media to say, “Why the hell is he not holding her hand! Looking like that he should be showing her some respect and affection … or is that just me?” Whilst others agreed it would have been nice to see the couple show some affection.

However, far from being a symbol of the state of their relationship, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are never seen holding hands due to royal etiquette.

Their lack of PDA is also due to their professionalism. Aside from holding hands, you won’t see Kate and Wills cuddling up together at an official event. Kate and Prince William are working representatives of the British monarchy, so they don’t want to be seen getting to cosy on the job – it would be unprofessional!

There has of course been moments when Kate and William have broken the royal rules!

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Prince William didn’t hesitate to hold his pregnant wife’s hand when supporting her down some steps whilst the couple where in America.

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Plus, the pair are often pictured embracing in more candid, casual moments. Such as their sporting weekend with the charity Heads Together last month.

Finally, there’s no doubt that this kind-hearted and affectionate couple are in love with each other if you ask us! It’s clear that Kate and Prince William have a strong bond and a good partnership. No hand holding needed!