We really want this to happen!

They’re the ultimate royal sibling duo. And it seems that Prince William and Prince Harry’s easy smiles and natural ability in front of the camera may soon be winning them film fans across the globe.

According to the latest rumbling from the rumour mill the Princes have landed secret cameos in one of the most loved film franchises of all time. Yep, its none other than the Sci-Fi favourite Star Wars. Harry and William visited the Star Wars 8 film set last year for a private tour.

But rather than just watching from the sidelines, it’s claimed they got fully involved in the action.

According to an undisclosed source at the Daily Mail:

“The Princes dressed up in full Stormtrooper gear and filmed a scene in which Rey and Finn infiltrate a secret base. The rebel characters are in a lift with Benicia del Toro’s character when a group of Stormtroopers enter – two of whom are William and Harry.”

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When quizzed about the Princes unconfirmed cameo, actor John Boyega remained evasive. Speaking to the BBC he said:

“No comment on that, but they look good too”.

Hmmm. We’ll take that as a maybe. The countdown to the December release is on! In the meantime you may want to take a good hard look at the trailer above. Maybe we’ll spot the Princes popping up at some point? Watch this space and wait and see!