With her royal duties stepping up, rumours that a third royal baby could be on the way have been quashed

It seems that change really is afoot in the royal household. Now that Prince Philip’s retirement announcement has been made public, there will be a noticeable shift in the way the royal family work.

No where will this be felt more keenly than within the Cambridge family. After all, Prince William is set to take over the role as ruling monarch one day. There are also rumours that the Queen herself is calling on the younger royals to step up their official duties, and it seems this is true, given that William, rather than Philip, accompanied the Queen for a meeting with the leader of Burma just recently.

It also seems that Catherine in particular is becoming acutely aware of her impending role as royal consort. So much so, that the Sunday Express has reported she is making plans to step into Prince Philip’s shoes, and is beginning to study his career moves, as the partner of a (future) monarch.

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“If you look at Kate’s approach you will notice that it is very much in support of William, first and foremost, but also about carving her own charitable path, as [Prince Philip] has done with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and his long involvement with charities like the WWF.”

And, as the family plan to move back down to London in order to pick up more royal duties, it appears to make sense that Catherine try to emulate Philip. The Duchess has also already taken on a few of the Duke of Edinburgh’s royal patronages, including that of the RAF Air Cadets.

An aide was quoted in the Sunday Express saying that, “The Duke of Edinburgh’s decision has been taken over recent months with the thinking having began in earnest at the turn of the year. With Prince George starting school in September and the Cambridges moving back to London, the timing feels right.”

Prince George, who turns four in July, will be beginning school at Thomas’s Battersea in the autumn, and the family will move back into Kensington Palace around the same time.

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The source continued, “It’s a sort of happy coincidence rather than something that has been done by design.”

But what does this mean for the expanding Cambridge family? Well, sad news for all of us hoping for royal baby number three! According to the source from the Sunday Express, the new focus on Catherine and William’s duty to the Queen means that a third child could very well be off the cards – for good.

Sunday Express quoted a “well-placed source” who said, “I would be very surprised if they have a third child. They have got a boy and a girl – there is a sense that their family is now complete and they are moving onto the next chapter in their lives.”

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