In this week’s brand new issue of Woman’s Own, one of TV’s most controversial contributors and the woman that everyone loves to hate, Katie Hopkins, reveals her ‘softer’ side to us.


The former Apprentice contestant and TV star shocked us with her confession that despite her opinionated views on others, people’s negative and nasty comments about her do sometimes get her down.

“Overall, I’m very tough” she said, but even the other day she had, “a little moment” when she was, “reduced to a wreck” because of things people were saying about her.

Katie’s unexpected soft side also comes out with anything to do with her family, “or if my children do well” she said. She also revealed she gets upset when she misses important moments for her kids, “I missed sports day, so my husband sent me films of the children doing their little races and of course I was upset. You can’t do it all though.”

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