Lynda Bellingham sadly died of bowel cancer in 2014, and the former ‘Oxo mum’ left her entire estate to her third husband Michael Pattemore.

Following Lynda’s death, Pattemore reportedly began spending her money on lavish travels around the world, posting pictures to her twitter account of his exploits. After a disrespectful interview with the media about his late wife, Lynda’s sons couldn’t bear it anymore, and challenged Pattemore over their mother’s will. [READ THE FULL STORY HERE]

Lynda Bellingham sons and husband

The bitter feud shows no signs of ending soon. In an interview with the Daily Mirror Lynda’s sons blasted Pattermore and said “he was just someone for her to pass the time with” and that he was “never part of the family”.

Michael and Robbie, Lynda’s sons from he marriage with Nunzio Peluso estimate that they will only receive £50,000 each out of their mothers £5 million estate.

Last month Michael appeared on This Morning with Eamonn and Ruth to try and defend himself. The widowed husband claimed that that the accusations made by Lynda’s sons Michael and Robbie were false.

Lynda’s two boys have previously said that they had been given less that £1,000 of their late mother’s fortune. Her estate at the time of her death was reportedly valued at £10 million.

Michael and Robbie claim that Pattemore had taken the fortune for himself. As well as squandering it, they say he only gave them a tiny cash handout.

Defending himself on TV Michael said: “I’ve given them a flat. I supplied them with a roof over their head and now they want it sold. She specifically wanted that I leave them the first million to them and then divide the rest up between our four children – my two kids and hers.

“I’ve had 18 months of hell … she was £50,000 in debt. That’s a fact. Across bank accounts and credit cards. Even though she was in debt, we had properties worth several million pounds. Those properties are all in mortgage and they bring an income in now.

“What the boys never told the nation was that in my will, they got left the first one million pounds plus a quarter share of the remainder of the properties. They could’ve walked away with a couple million pounds.”

The businessman also insisted that any money he appears to have been spending in a lavish manner was his own.

“People think that she had this large sum, but I have always had property and I’ve got a good business.

“The way the will has been done by the lawyers means any money I was spending was my own money. And then I can do anything I want to do with the properties” he added.

After Michael’s appearance on This Morning viewers were quick to take to Twitter to slam the star and show their continued support for Lynda’s two sons.

“Don’t believe a word he says! Something about him…” one wrote. Another added, “It’s all “me me me” with this chap. Let her boys have what they are owed and stop pissing her money away.”

In their interview with the Daily Mirror, Lynda’s sons addressed Pattemore’s claims of generosity. Michael, 34, said the brothers owed their lawyers £60,000 and face a £30,000 capital gains tax bill on the flat Pattemore bought them.

He said the brothers were “stronger together” and that Pattemore was “nothing”.

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The boys aren’t the only ones who disapproved of their mother’s romance. Denise Sutton, a friend of the late Loose Women star, opened up to the Sunday People backing Lynda’s sons by revealing that she warned Lynda “ten times not to trust Micky.”

Denise, 50, first met Michael when they lived in Moraira, Spain in 2003, where she also later met Lynda. When Denise first met Michael, he slept on friend’s sofa. He even took a €5,000 loan from her, because he was struggling so badly with money.

Denise revealed that as a result of Michael’s ongoing money issues, from the moment he met Lynda his interest in her was “all about the money”. Denise admitted that it was clear to her that Michael was, “obsessed” with Lynda’s celebrity lifestyle.



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“He used to go on about Lynda’s celebrity friends, about eating in the best restaurants and drinking in the best bars” Denise confessed.

The court case between Pattemore and the Lynda’s sons is ongoing.