We can't believe this!

Cold Feet has made a triumphant return to our screens after a 13 year absence. And while fans of the hit show are heaping praise on the new series, they were less than impressed with its most recent episode.

As Adam (James Nesbitt) bid his wife Angela (Karen David) farewell viewers spotted the huge production blunder.


Rather than making her way to Singapore through departures, she decided to take an unconventional route.

cold feet

Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to jump on the mistake.

Even Loose Women’s Andrea McLean had something to say:

And one fan couldn’t help but poke fun at the hilarious gaff, saying:

This isn’t the first time for Cold Feet’s Angela

Last week, viewers also had their feathers ruffled when Angela made a geographical mix up. She described Manchester as “Britain’s second biggest city”. That title is actually claimed by Birmingham.


Luckily the show’s fan site @ColdFeetTV proved that episode 4 was still a huge hit with the show’s viewers, with 86% rating it as ‘fan-bloody-tastic’.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for other ‘on-screen’ mistakes.

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