‘I didn’t want to work with her after that.’


A comment made back in 2012 has landed Victoria Beckham in hot water recently.

Five years ago, the fashion designer claimed that she’d designed a luxurious Land Rover. But the comment, made at a publicity event for the car, has caused outrage with a Land Rover exec!

Discussing the limited-edition, £80,000 motor, Victoria seemed to reveal that she’d had a hand in designing it herself.

At the launch in Beijing, the mum-of-four said, “I’ve stayed very true to myself. I’ve designed a car that I want to drive, a car that I think David wants to drive.”

The Victoria Beckham Land Rover launch in China

“I brought a naivety to this project, and you can really tell that I designed it.”

But it seems Land Rover’s creative director had very different ideas about what happened…

According to Land Rover design director Gerry McGovern, the idea that VB designed the car herself is completely false…

He recently spoke to the Mail on Sunday to say, “I’ve forgotten more than that woman will ever know about designing – to be a car designer takes years.”

Explaining Victoria’s comment, McGovern admitted his confusion when she declared that she’d had a hand in its creation. He continued, “When we went to China to present it, she stood up in front of the world’s press and said, “When I designed this car…” I said, “Victoria, that wasn’t on the script.”

victoria beckham land rover

(Gerry McGovern)

He reportedly added, “I didn’t want to work with her after that.” Awkward!

The VB Evoque was designed by Victoria and Land Rover in collaboration – but evidently, it’s not quite clear what Victoria’s role in the project actually was.

The company sold just 200 of the exclusive cars, which featured luxury mohair, matte black paint and leather seats. The designers at Land Rover have since claimed that the former ‘Spice Girl’ was brought in to introduce ‘restrained colour and detail changes’ to their classic Evoque vehicle.

Whatever the answer, it seems unlikely that these two will be joining up to collaborate together again anytime soon…