The Beckhams are often plagued by rumours about their marriage and relationship strife, however could it be that this time the couple really are feeling the strain?

New reports claim that a rift if forming between the Beckhams as Victoria becomes increasingly frustrated with David’s party-loving exploits.

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Just last month, David and Victoria Beckham’s furious Glastonbury row made headlines after fellow festival-goers claimed to have witnessed the couple arguing after Victoria was left alone in the VIP area while David was off enjoying drinking and soaking up the atmosphere of the festival.

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Now, according to The Sun, Victoria is becoming ‘ increasingly uncomfortable’ with David’s desire to cut loose.

A ‘showbiz insider’ revealed to the paper, “Victoria is working harder than ever and is incredibly focused on running a business and being a working mother. David has never had more time on his hands, despite his very successful business. He’s a doting dad and spends so much time with his kids.”

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“That has led to a lot of partying and big nights out with friends…which Victoria doesn’t like.”

Victoria is reportedly not a fan of some of David’s close friends, such a director Guy Ritchie. Ex-husband of pop legend Madonna, Ritchie has cast David in a couple of his most recent films, including his latest project ‘King Arthur’.

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Victoria elected to skip the film premiere, leaving David to attend with son Brooklyn instead. David has also just returned to LA following a two day ‘boys only’ road trip. The former footballer enjoyed time out on his motorbike with only friend Derek White for company.

And, not doing anything to help quell the rumours of David’s ‘party loving’ and ‘bad boy’ ways, new snaps have emerged of the star singing the behind of one of his fans whilst he was away.

Whilst the 42-year-old was away on his guys-only biking trip, David was stopped by a flirty fan who asked David to sign her rear. The dad-of-four happily obliged. The photos show him leaning over, a hand on the girls back pocket, whilst he signs her behind.

It’s not clear if Victoria was aware of the cheeky request before. However, now that the photos are splashed across global news sites, it likely won’t be long before she finds out.

Despite the recent rumours of a rift between the Beckhams, they are reunited for now in the US. The couple are currently together in LA.