From a Spice Girl to a bonafide designer, we check out Posh's dramatic image overhaul

You’ve got to see the amazing Victoria Beckham style transformation! It doesn’t seem so long ago that Victoria Beckham (then known as Victoria Adams) burst on to the music scene in a black mini dress way back in the ’90s. After an A-list marriage, four kids and a career change, VB has now cemented her style icon status.

But Victoria’s sartorial past wasn’t always so chic and elegant. Her Spice Girls wardrobe was suited to her Posh alter ego with little black dresses and strapless numbers. Once she met David, her style started to get bigger and bolder. She cut off her hair and began wearing brighter pieces. Sometimes she even coordinated with her husband – who could forget that leather ensemble?! And during the World Cup, as head WAG her uniform consisted of tiny hot pants and designer shades.

Once she started making the transition from pop princess to serious fashion designer, her style began to change, too. Her hair and make-up became more natural, while her wardrobe moved towards fashion classics like cigarette pants, shift dresses and white shirts.

Now in her 40s, we reckon Victoria is looking better than ever! So work your way through the pictures below and check out Victoria Beckham’s style transformation for yourself.