Sheridan-1Following her award winning performance as Charmian Biggs, wife of Ronnie Biggs, in 2012, and her highly acclaimed role as Cilla Black last year, Sheridan Smith has taken on her most challenging role to date.

Sheridan will play Lisa Lynch, who was diagnosed with cancer aged just 28, and died five years later. She wrote about her experience in a popular blog called and a bestselling novel of the same name as the BBC1 series – The C Word.

The actress has transformed herself to play the role, shaving her head every day and opting to pluck out her eyebrow hairs one by one, “You can’t shave or thread them” she explained, “because they can grow back all weird, so I had to pluck them and that was quite painful.”

Despite her shocking transformation and personal sacrifice, Sheridan insists she wouldn’t have done anything less to honor her old friend, “I admire her and I want to be her. Look at me sobbing here, I’m not as strong as her. But you can admire someone and go wow. She’s amazing, she’s inspirational and I hope for everyone she will be.’


The C Word will air on BBC1 later this year