Remember that infamous meat dress?

What links raw beef, yellow hair and bonkers fashion? A Lady Gaga’s most outrageous looks of course!

As soon as she burst onto the music scene in 2008, Lady Gaga showcased a unique sense of style. Her popstar wardrobe was made up of bright leotards, mega heels and quirky eyewear. And let’s not forget those hair bows – she basically started this pretty hair trend!

Not one to conform, Gaga began pushing the boundaries of fashion even further – case in point, the MTV video music awards in 2010 when she rocked up in a dress made from raw meat. Eww! And her platform boots are often so huge they look like an accident waiting to happen, especially when she’s covering her eyes with an elaborate hat or mask!

But as her acting career has started to take off, her style has taken a more elegant and sedate turn. At the Golden Globes 2016 she channeled Marilyn Monroe with platinum blonde curls and a figure-hugging gown that showed off her curves to perfection. Is this the end for Gaga’s garish gowns or will she return to her unique wardrobe soon? We’re not sure but in the meantime you can check out our Lady Gaga style transformation.