Cheryl’s had many looks over the years since she stepped into the limelight back in 2002. Both her style and her tastes have changed dramatically.

After a successful career with Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole (as she was then known) bid goodbye to coordinated pieces and girl band outfits, as she struck out on her own both as an artist and as a style star. Now, after the birth of baby Bear, Cheryl is looking better than ever before.

In the first official snap of the singer since the birth, we see Cheryl looking relaxed and healthy. And those signature cheekbones are still razor sharp! Cheryl’s hairdresser Dayaruci captioned the shot: “One of my favourite pics of @cherylofficial“, before tagging in Cheryl’s glam squad.

Liam recently told radio host Nick Grimshaw: “Pregnancy is hard to deal with, it’s that first pair of jeans you can’t get into and she thinks she’s massive but she’s lost everything.”


See Cheryl’s evolving look below and how she’s transformed through the years thanks to fame, family, love and loss…