During perhaps the biggest royal event of the past 10 years, who could forget the grumpy young girl who joined Kate and William on the balcony of Buckingham Palace as they celebrated their wedding?

While people all around her were cheering and celebrating the marriage of one of the most beloved royal couples around, little Grace Van Custem – the three-year-old flower girl – looked like she’d rather be anywhere else.

Prince William’s goddaughter totally upstaged the regal bride and groom’s first kiss, covering her ears and putting on a scowling expression to show what she really thought of the noisy crowd!

Now nine years old, Grace is probably wondering why she caused such a fuss back in 2011. And we can’t believe who old the famous face now looks!

Grace’s mum – who runs a private club for children and their parents regularly posts snaps of her children to social media, and is constantly posting pictures of the famous flower girl now, hanging out with her mum or siblings.