See what Adele, Cheryl and Kim K all looked like before a brow-over - plus expert tips to get the perfect eyebrows!


If ever there was a case for indulging in a little brow grooming, these celebrity eyebrows are it! They’ve taken their brows from spindly and over-plucked to full and shapely and the results speak for themselves.

In fact, we reckon these before and after shots prove you can actually pluck yourself younger. A bit of shaping here, a little grooming there can chase away years around the eyes. Here’s some tips for pro-worthy plucking…

  1. Begin shaping after you’ve been in the bath or shower and always in natural daylight. The steam helps to open the hair follicle so that plucking is slightly less painful.
  2. Trim any extra-long hairs. Brush your brows upwards and if any hairs hang over the edge of your brows give them a careful snip.
  3. Brush brows back and start plucking a few stray hairs at a time, checking out the overall shape in a big mirror as you go. Alternate which brow you work on every few hairs to achieve the most symmetrical look. Only pluck hairs from below the brow, never above so you don’t affect the natural shape.
  4. Use an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in any sparse areas using soft, feathery strokes in the direction of the hair. If your brows are very pale, use a colour a couple of shades darker to give definition.
  5. Finally apply a brow mascara – clear or coloured – to tame any strays and give a groomed appearance.

Check out these celebrity eyebrows and let them inspire your next shaping session, following our must-try guide above.

Once you’re done, watch make-up artist Adam Burrell’s guide to defining your brows with make-up to make the most of your fabulous new set below: