Former Shameless star Tina Malone has revealed she’s going to have another child at the age of 54.

However, after being pregnant at 50 with her daughter Flame, her husband Paul, will not let the mum-of-two risk another pregnancy.

So, the couple have decided to have a second child together via a surrogate.

Actress Tina is already mum to Flame, age four, and a 35-year-old daughter, Danielle, from a previous relationship.

Flame was conceived in 2013 following IVF treatment. Tina and Paul still have embryos frozen in Cyprus following the treatment, and will use these to have their second child together. The process of surrogacy will also mean they will be able to choose the sex of their baby.

Tina told the Sunday People, “Some will say I am selfish and irresponsible for having another child at 54.

“They will moralise and abuse me – even more so for selecting the sex of our baby – and everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

“I am doing this for Flame and for my husband, not just myself” she added.

However, one of Tina’s most ferocious critics so far has been her eldest daughter Danielle.

Danielle, who is an actress herself, told Closer magazine that she was “struggling to get [her] head around” the idea of her mum raising another baby.

She said: “When Mum told me about her plans to have another baby using a surrogate I thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever. Mum should be grateful for what she has, instead of messing around with things again.”

When asked if she thought her mum was too old to raise another child at 54, Danielle retorted, “Of course I think mum is too old.”

“She might be in good health, but I don’t think she’s financially stable. I’ll always love her but a part of me thinks she’s being incredibly selfish.”

“I couldn’t let Tina risk another pregnancy. Flame and I love her too much.”

Tina married Paul Chase, who is 35, in 2010. Paul was adamant that Tina would not risk another pregnancy after she developed life-threatening pre-eclampsia when she was pregnant with Flame.

Tina Malone pregnant at 50

According to the NHS, pre-eclampsia is a condition that affects women in up to 6% of pregnancies. It is reportedly characterised by ‘dangerously high blood pressure’.

Tina said: “Whenever we went there [to Cyprus] I’d cry, moan and say to Paul: ‘Please let me have another one.’ But Paul won’t let me risk my life.” Paul added, “I couldn’t let Tina risk another pregnancy. Flame and I love her too much.”