Good on you Anthea!


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And in TV presenter Anthea Turner’s case that fury was channelled into a fact finding mission that would ultimately catch cheating ex Grant Bovey red handed.

anthea turner

Opening up about her split with her former hubby in 2013, the 56-year-old revealed that she turned ‘Miss Marple’ after she found out the businessman was having an affair with another woman. She told the Mail On Sunday:

“I became a regular Miss Marple, logging on to the computer to check journeys he made, credit cards he’d used and text messages he sent.

anthea turner

“Grant had no idea I could even do these things. As far as he was concerned, I was a technophobe, unable to carry out the simplest tasks on a computer.”

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Anthea – who’s written a new book, How To Survive Divorce – revealed that Bovey’s biggest mistake was underestimating her sleuthing skills. Continuing she added:

“He shouldn’t have underestimated me. I hated being the sort of woman who checks up on her husband – I promise you, I never, ever used to be but unfortunately his behaviour turned me into her.”

Anthea Turner’s marriage – what happened next?

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After 12 years of marriage Anthea soon discovered that Grant was dating socialite Zoe De Mallet Morgan – 29 years his junior. The pair then split for good into 2016.

The relationship blow was her second setback after her marriage to her first husband, DJ Peter Powell, ended in 1998.