Funny quotes from Joan CollinsShe’s one of the most glamourous celebrities in the world and believe it or not Joan Collins has turned 80 today!

Over her years in the spotlight notoriously outspoken Joan has come out with some absolutely hilarious things on everything from her love life to other celebrities.

In honour of her big day we take a look at some of our favourite pearls of wisdom…

On obese people: ‘They’re digging their graves with their own teeth. How do they fit onto a tiny lavatory on a plane?’

On Adele: ‘She is a good singer. Very, very talented. But she wears terrible hairpieces.’

On women who don’t wear make-up: ‘I’m often amazed when some lined, red-faced, blotchy-skinned woman proudly announces to me that she’s never allowed an ounce of make-up to touch her face. Well, bully for you, ma’am, if you want to go to the grave looking like Dracula’s grandma.’

On the age gap between her and husband Percy: ‘Look – if he dies, he dies.’

Have fun Joan!