We had no idea!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are one of the most talked about royal couples ever.

And with rumours abounding that the loved up pair could well on their way to saying ‘I do’, we take a look at some of the quirky rules the Suits actress will need to observe should be become the ‘Duchess of Sussex’.

  1. So long Shellfish

rules meghan markle

Shellfish…where would summer barbecues and fish pies be without them? And it seems that Meghan will have to get used to passing on the prawns and ogling – rather than shucking oysters – as the royal family generally avoid shellfish. The reason? Well it’s said that this has traditionally been the case as a preventative measure against food poisoning or a possible allergic reaction. But with every ‘rule’ there comes a royal who’s brave enough to circumvent them. And the royal rebel in question? This time it’s Prince Charles who apparently likes to feast on a crustacean on occasion.

  1. Monopoly Mayhem

Nothing says good clean fun quite like a game of Monopoly. But apparently this innocuous board game – and festive season family favourite – has fallen foul with the royals. According to Redbook the Prince Andrew Duke of York struck Monopoly of the royal board game register in 2008, after one session became “too vicious”. After all, the ebbs and flows of London’s property market are enough to get anyone worked up. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Harry and Meghan can still enjoy a star-crossed game of Scrabble. But what sweet nothings would they spell out?

  1. Order, Order!

What’s not to love about a royal balcony snap? Nothing; unless you happen to be a not-so-first-in-line royal. It’s said that the royal family stand by rank when on public engagements. And here’s the current order:

The Queen first, followed by Prince Philip, then Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and lastly Prince Harry.

We imagine Meghan’s place will be right by Harry’s. Now all she needs to do is perfect that royal wave!

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