Bob Blakeley The Voice

We were devastated when The Voice hopeful Bob Blakeley failed to get any of the show’s judges to turn around however it looks like the crooner has been given another chance. 

Bob’s audition was shown during Saturday night’s show when viewers saw him try his luck with a version of Cry Me a River however despite pleas from his fellow judges Tom Jones failed to turn around.

But luckily for Bob he was offered another shot at a music career while appearing on BBC Breakfast earlier today.

Bob was on the news programme to discuss his time on the show and was left speechless when he was introduced to song writer Mike Batt who offered him the chance to work together.

Best known for putting together the Wombles group Mike explained that he hopes to take the singer under his wing until he can secure a record deal. Needless to say the offer left Bob feeling very emotional indeed!

You can check out the moment he found out the good news live on TV here.