It’s been almost 20 years since the death of the late Princess Diana.

But despite this passage of time the legacy of ‘The People’s Princess’ continues to have a profound impact on her legions of fans across the globe.

Much more than just another member of the royal household, Diana touched those around her as a dedicated mother, humanitarian and fashion icon.

For the latter the princess once formerly known as ‘Shi Di’ gained increasing prominence, with each style choice reflecting her vibrant personality, creativity and strong desire to forge her own path in life.

diana dress

One noted example of this passion for fashion – and the esteem and influence that went with it – is the striking bottle green velvet silk evening gown designed by former courtier Victor Edelstein.

Worn for private entertaining in the royal household in 1985 the dress’s delicate ruching and simple design seemed to reflect the more relaxed ‘at home’ Diana rarely seen by the public.

While the outfit itself is significant enough, there is a particular detail on it that displays Diana’s warmth and focus on family life.

A close look at the front skirt on this dress reveals a cluster of small indentations. Some historians have speculated that these indentations could be the fingers of the young Princes, clinging to their mother’s legs.

Diana was famed for adapting her dress choice to match the company she kept, as an example choosing vibrant colours when interacting with children.

Could the outfit’s tactile fabric have been specifically chosen to please Prince Harry and Prince William? We may never know. But one thing we can be sure of is that the strong bond between Diana and her sons continues to live on.

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