Well she's known for being outspoken on screen!

Call the Midwife fans have two reasons to celebrate. The first is Christmas Day merriment gets an extra helping thanks to the special of the much-loved drama on December 25th. The second is that BBC have commissioned a further three series. Hooray!

call the midwife

And while the show is loved for its old fashioned values and ability to cast us back to days gone by, it seems that there is a thoroughly modern problem that is ruffling feathers on the Call the Midwife set.

Speaking to the Sunday Express, actress Judy Parfitt – aka the eccentric Sister Monica Joan – revealed that her language can get a little blue when confronted with a certain behaviour from younger cast members. And the behaviour she’s referring to? It’s none other taking mobile phone calls in between takes. A faux pas that is normally most irking at the dinner table.

“I tell them off! They’ve all got their iPhones and it just drives me mad!” she said.

call the midwife

And its not just the younger cast members that are feeling the 86-year-old’s wrath. It seems that 63-year-old Jenny Agutter – aka Sister Julienne – also can’t resist a cheeky mid-take natter.

“Jenny I’ve told off so many times! I say “For God’s sake, put that f***ing thing away!” she revealed.

Call the Midwife Christmas special – what we know so far

Call the midwife

Airing at 8pm on Christmas day, the Call the Midwife Christmas Special will transport the cast all the way from Poplar to the plains of South Africa.

Sinead Cusack will join the Christmas Special cast playing Dr Myra Fitzsimmons.

Others cast members also making a return include Jenny Agutter (Sister Julienne), Linda Bassett (Nurse Crane), Victoria Yeates (Sister Winifred), Laura Main (Shelagh Turner), Stephen McGann (Dr Turner), Jack Ashton (Tom), Helen George (Trixie), Charlotte Ritchie (Barbara) and Cliff Parisi (Fred).

call the midwife

The nuns African adventure is all in aid offering their services to a poverty stricken hospital. Set in 1962, they come together assist the ailing Hope Clinic – headed by Dr Fitzsimmons.

Will the nuns and their fellow midwives be able to stop the hospital from shutting down? What do you think? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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