The first season of The Crown Netflix series was met with rapturous applause from viewers and royal fans across the globe. Many praised the show’s lavish sets and spot on an acting – with lead actress Claire Foy even winning a Golden Globe for her performance!

As rumours about The Crown series 2 begin to circulate ahead of it’s air date in November, the show’s writer Peter Morgan has confirmed that the next instalment of the hit show will cover the period 1956 to 1964. Chatting about the new series, actress Claire Foy also dropped hints about what we can expect from the royal drama.

“It’s very much [set in] the outside world of the ’60s…” the 33-year-old revealed. She also let a shocking insight about the series 2 slide too saying that the latest instalment of the drama will include, “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll!”

“Stuff you’d not associate with the Queen” she added.

The Crown

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As producers gear up for The Crown series 2, the show’s writer Peter Morgan has hinted that there could be even more shock twists and turns in the next instalment of the costume drama. During a panel discussion about the Netflix programme he revealed that he won’t rule out touching on a theory about the Prince having an affair early in his marriage to the Queen, saying, “Doesn’t everyone in Britain know he had an affair?”

the crown seriesIt was during exactly this time that wild allegations began to surface about the Prince’s adulterous relationships with showgirls. These included the British actress Pat Kirkwood and TV personality Katie Boyle (pictured below).

Yep our mouths are wide open too! While the rumours were strenuously denied and were found to have no basis, they have cropped up on occasion over the last 60 years. Also, we can’t imagine how uncomfortable Matt Smith – the actor who plays the Prince – will be tackling these scenes if they do make the final cut!