This is so shocking!

Katherine Jenkins has spoken out about David Beckham’s personal email leak after the news hit the headlines last month.

According to reports the dad-of-four branded the music supremo’s OBE a “f***ing joke”. The former footballer is also said to have made reference to Jenkins taking drugs – which the star admitted to trying in her youth. To add insult to injury the former footballer also apparently retorted that Katherine scooped the accolade for nothing more than “singing at the rugby and going to see the troops plus taking coke”.

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Opening up about the alleged slur in an interview with Fabulous magazine the 36-year-old said:

“I’m a human being. Of course something like that would be hurtful.

“But at the same time I’ve learned when you’re famous sometimes you get dragged into things you shouldn’t be involved in. Sometimes people feel like they know you, but actually they know nothing about you.”

Ending things on a positive note, the singer and mum-of-one wished Becks “all the best”.

The 36-year-old classical singer told The Telegraph, “I don’t want to be involved. This hasn’t knocked me. I wish them [the Beckhams] the best. But I’m getting on with my life, I’m just doing what I do…And when I first got involved with the armed forces it was never with any thought of reward.

‘I do what I do because I’m proud of our soldiers and I think people who fight for our country deserve our respect and time…But this wasn’t something I had anything to do with, this was not my mess. I didn’t want to add to it by saying anything. I’m incredibly proud of my OBE.’

3 years ago today… receiving my OBE from Prince Charles (and having a bit of a giggle as he always makes my laugh! 😂)

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On a positive note, the singer said that she had been overwhelmed by the amount of support she has received from well-wishers and fans. “Every cloud has a silver lining” she mused.

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So, what happened with David Beckham’s personal email leak?

Last month it emerged that blackmailers had managed to get hold of the star’s personal emails. Dubbed ‘Beckileaks’ the scandal about ex-football ace has caused a media furore with alleged snippets from the emails revealing a less than squeaky clean side to the star.

In one, he allegedly branded the honours committee “unappreciative c***s” after failing to become a Sir in 2013. The star allegedly continued, “It’s a disgrace to be honest and if I was American I would have got something like this 10 years ago.”

He is also reported to have hit out at Katherine Jenkins’s OBE nod. In addition, he reportedly grumbled about donating charity cash allegedly saying “it’s my f***ing money”. This was in reference to $1million donation to an event run by the Unicef children’s charity. While the former is said to have been ‘hacked and doctored’, the revelations have certainly cast a shadow over Becks’s personal and private image.

Beckham blackmailed

According to The Mirror, the hackers demanded a sum close to £1 million to keep a lid on the emails.

A source said: “They approached by email and attempted to meet via another third party. They said we have all this information and you have to pay up. It was blackmail, pure and simple.

“The investigation has been going on behind the scenes for some time and involved several prominent companies.

“The hack wasn’t targeted at David at all – it was very much a fishing expedition but David has been caught in the crossfire.”

There has been no public statement from the star. However, a spokesman was quick to pour water over the potentially explosive nature of the emails.

“This story is based on outdated material taken out of context from hacked and doctored private emails from a third-party server and gives a deliberately inaccurate picture.”

“David Beckham and Unicef have had a powerful partnership in support of children for over 15 years.

“The David Beckham 7 Fund has raised millions of pounds and helped millions of vulnerable children around the world.

“He’s given significant time and energy and made personal financial donations to the 7 Fund and this commitment will continue long-term.”

According to the Mail, this is not the first time the emails have surfaced. Lawyers put the breaks on The Sunday Times from publishing them in 2016.

At the time a friend of Beckham’s told the Mail:

“It’s been a rough few days but, actually, David is doing OK because he knows he’s done nothing wrong.

“The frustrating thing from his end is all the tireless work he has done for charity that hasn’t been documented, and the idea he doesn’t donate personally.”