Piers Morgan’s divisive views often cause controversy on Good Morning Britain, leaving his co-host Susanna Reid stuck in the middle, or desperately trying to mediate a heated discussion.

Susanna is often left silenced by her opinionated and bolshie presenting partner, as Piers loudly interrupts his colleagues or guests on the show to argue his points.

However, Susanna certainly found her voice on Good Morning Britain this week, when Piers made a comment that was just too good for Reid not to retort to.

During Wednesday morning’s show, Piers announced that he gets ‘really annoyed’ when people he knows keep ‘banging on’ about politics on social media and forcefully sharing their point of view.

So, Susanna Reid, who regularly is forced to listen to Piers’ opinions, couldn’t let it slide or resist throwing some shade at her co-host.

“I know exactly what you mean” Susanna said wearily. “When someone goes on, and on, and on and you just need rest bite…” she continued. “And your just forced every day to listen to their views” she finished pointedly.

Piers, seemingly unimpressed with Susanna’s remark, stared blankly at the camera, unwilling to react to her dig.

The crew behind Good Morning Britain clearly loved Susanna’s remark, as they described the moment as “too beautiful for words.”

Viewers were also quick to heap praise on Susanna over social media following her put down.

“A grateful nation salutes you” one person tweeted. “I have no words because language hasn’t evolved far enough to describe this level of destruction” said another after watching the clip.

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