As fellow mums Stephanie Davis and Holly Willoughby should be coming together rather than being at loggerheads.

But when the 24-year-old came face-to-face with the mum-of-three during a recent appearance on This Morning. And things looked far from friendly.

stephanie davis

In fact, the former Hollyoaks star accused the hit daytime show’s co-hosts of failing to stick up for her during an interview with boyfriend Jeremy McConnell earlier this year.

Addressing viewers she explained she had issued Jeremy with a legal letter asking him not to discuss the DNA test which would later confirm that he WAS the father of her baby son Caben-Albi.

Talking about the issue head on, Phillip admitted: “I know you were cross with me about the letter.”

To which Stephanie replied: “I’m saying this honestly but I thought you were a bit biased with what happened in that interview.”

And in a further frank admission Stephanie revealed that she was left screaming at her set when Phillip advised 27-year-old Jeremy not to sign the letter.

She explained: “It was out of order, but you’ve gotta think I had a newborn baby, I had the worst pregnancy in the world, my son was in the special care unit.

“I was dealing with this myself as I was sick of everything going on. [In hindsight] no one would sign that. But at the time I was so angry”

Turning her attention to Holly she then said: “You know what it’s like to be a mum and I felt like there was no one sticking up for me.”

But rather than agree with Stephanie’s position outright, the 36-year-old replied:

“But it was the catalyst to get you talking again.’

Conceding that this was a fair point Steph admitted:
“I called him the next day even though I was screaming at the TV, ‘Phil!”.

Stephanie Davis – A new chapter with Jeremy?

Proud of him for facing all of this❤ it's not been easy and one hell of a hard long road, but finally on the right track. Missing my best friend. Can't wait till he's home. New lease of life, fresh start❤👪#quesera #takesgutts #cabenneedshisdaddy #proudofubaby❤ @jeremymcconnellcooke #nolookingback

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Despite the tumultuous nature of their relationship Stephanie confirmed that her and Jeremy are back together, and that she admires him for seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.
“I’m really proud of him, it’s been a long time coming.
“It’s hard for everyone to listen to but I love him.
“And when you love someone and you’re in a relationship, obviously it’s on a different scale because were in the public eye and we haven’t helped ourselves.”
We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it’ll be a happy ending this time round!