It's time to break out the champers darling, as the Ab Fab Movie is finally here!

Ab Fab Movie

With the Ab Fab Movie finally hitting the big screen after years of speculation, we couldn’t be more excited darling! And with Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumely reprising their roles as PR guru Edina and champagne-fuelled sidekick Patsy, we’re expecting to howl with laughter from start to finish.

The AB Fab Movie is choc-a-bloc with celebrity cameos – with everyone from Hollywood legends to catwalk models all clambering for the chance to appear in the movie version of this cult TV series.

The majority of the stars featured play themselves – although slightly over the top versions – and cinema-goers will barely get through five minutes of viewing before another star makes their way onto the screen.

Not that we’re complaining though, as we can think of worse ways to spend our Friday night. So why not grab a bucket of popcorn, put the champers on ice and get set for the movie event of year?

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