Singer Kelly Clarkson is a mum of two who regularly posts pictures of her two adorable kids, River Rosre and Remington, and social media in-between sharing snaps of her work.

‪Happy Easter!! #RiverRose #RemyB #BabyKissesAreTheGreatest Thanks for the great photo @weisseubanks 😊‬

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Her photos are usually super cute and loved by her worldwide fan base. However, her latest Instagram post has divided users. The 34-year-old mum shared a video of her little girl eating a well-known sweet spread on toast.

What was meant to be a sweet moment shared by the star, quite quickly built up a huge backlash social media users and fellow parents who were horrified to see that the singer and given her daughter the spread to eat at such a young age.

As a result, the comment section under the video was flooded with responses. Firstly, some of the highly critical comments even accused Kelly of “child abuse” for letting her daughter eat the spread. In one comment a user stated, “Giving food like this to a child is child abuse”. Meanwhile another critic said, “It is bad to let your child eat that much sugar.”

What do you think?

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However, many of Kelly’s followers and fans were quick to defend the star. Many of the comments thought the accusations of child abuse were, “absolutely ridiculous”.

In addition, most of Kelly’s fans defended her decision and claimed the other users were exaggerating.

One user said: “Screw the haters. You guys are acting like she’s eating a whole bottle. It’s just some on toast.” Another added: “There are bigger problems in the world than a kid eating Nutella for the first time.”

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet little boy!! #RemyB #BlackstockCampgrounds #ILoveHim 😊

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But, Kelly didn’t seem to let the criticism bother her. The doting mum posted more sweet snaps of her kids to mark her little boy’s first birthday a couple of days later.