Simon Cowell's weight lossShe may be his ex-girlfriend but that hasn’t stopped Sinitta lending a helping hand in Simon Cowell’s bid to lose weight. 

It emerged that the Britain’s Got Talent judge, 53, was having some self-confidence issues when we discovered that he used special lighting on the panel to help him look slimmer. But it seems like he’s now taking his weight loss very seriously doing something about losing the extra weight.

According to Sinitta she encouraged him to work out as well as persuading him to start drinking herbal teas. She said: ‘I bullied him into exercising, especially when we are on holiday together as I’m like the personal trainer. He’s really into working out now and he’s lost a stone.’

She also added: ‘The first time we holidayed on his yacht everyone came home 10 pounds heavier. Even on the boat I get him to bring an exercise kit or bike on to the deck. We have a big breakfast, don’t eat lunch and have an amazing tea time… but everything is miniature.’

Looking good Si!