Geordie Shore star Holy Hagan has undergone a dramatic transformation in the past few years, shrinking from a size 16 to a tiny 8.

‘As most of my fans have noticed, I’ve dropped a considerable amount of weight since my first season on Geordie Shore and Lord knows I needed to,’ said the star.

‘I was heavy, unhealthy, depressed and hated the way I looked, not just on screen but off it too.’

So how did she do it?

Holly relied on the failsafe diet plan of cutting down on carbs and sticking to a protein heavy diet. To lose the weight, Holly’s typical daily diet consisted of eggs for breakfast, soup or salad for lunch, and plenty of lean meat and veggies for dinner.


Holly and co star Charlotte Crosby show off their new looks 

She also swapped late night boozing sessions and kebabs for sessions in the gym and protein shakes to help blitz fat and build muscle.

The TV star’s main top tip was to always persevere, even when you slip up. ‘I know myself I’ve kind of lost the weight and it might come back on every time we film, but the slower it comes off the longer it’s going to stay off, you’ve just got to keep going.’

Holly is a massive fan of matcha green tea brand Eat Clean Tea, which helps aid weight loss by flushing out toxins and speeding up your metabolism.

If you want to follow Holly’s example, swap your morning and afternoon cuppa or coffee for a cup of matcha green tea and see your skin, hair and nails benefit, too.


Holly has created Holly’s Body Bible, a weight loss and fitness franchise inspired by her own dramatic body transformation.

However, following the book’s release the TV starlet has been labelled irresponsible, as the plan only allows dieters to consume 800 calories a day, which is 1,200 below the recommended daily allowance for adults.

One fan sparked social media outrage by posting a snap of a low cal ice lolly on Instagram. While Holly applauded her for eating just 758 calories in a day, others were quick to point out how dangerous a diet plan like this can be.


And it’s not just Holly’s figure that has undergone a massive transformation….

Holly’s hair 

Holly is a huge fans of Easilocks hair extensions and regularly visits director, Shane O’Sullivan for touch ups.

Her locks are made up of a mix of honey and platinum blonde shades from the salon’s range.

‘WOW! Holly’s colours are pure blonde, sand/vanilla and frosted caramel 22 inch with dark brown locks, size medium!’ Instagrammed the guys at Easilocks.

Holly’s beauty buys

Since her rise to fame, Holly has become a self confessed beauty junkie.

‘If you were to look inside my make-up bag you would find every product imaginable!’ she said. ‘I’m actually a massive fan of M.A.C Cosmetics – every girl loves M.A.C! Oh and Illamasqua.’

Holly uses strip lashes to line her peepers, but prefers a more natural variety.

‘With lashes I go for Eyelure’s 166, £5.06. I like them because they’re a little bit thinner than others and they’re natural.’