We can't wait!

There’s been an SATC shaped hole in our lives ever since Carrie & Co said their final goodbye. And while rumours of a third movie – and our extensive box-set collection – have kept us going, we’re can’t help but wonder if any TV moment will be as exciting at the Big/Carrie Paris scene. Sob.

But just when we thought all hope was lost, news comes in of Sarah Jessica Parker’s new show. And it’s another tug-at-the-heartstrings drama, with love and the complicated nature of relationships at its centre.

Divorce marks Sarah Jessica Parker’s first return to a HBO series since Sex & the City, and stills from the series have got us excited. SJP stars as divorcee Frances. After reassessing her life and marriage to Robert (Thomas Haden Church, Sideways) she decides to make a fresh start.

Cue a series packed with fights, bitter remarks and SJP’s signature ‘Carrie’ pout as Frances realises creating a new life, is a lot harder than saying goodbye to the old one.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s comeback – in pictures!

We haven’t got the series launch date as yet, but here are some pics from the show to help you countdown:

There’s clearly trouble in paradise in this pic…

sarah jessica parker


No wonder Frances needs some alone time to figure things out…

sarah jessica parker


And nothing beats a girly catch up to talk things through…

sarah jessica parker


But you can’t avoid the inevitable ‘break-up’ chat forever…

sarah jessica parker


At least there’s one person you can always rely on…

sarah jessica parker


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